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Richard Carmona, Surgeon General of the United States
"We've got plenty of science to tell us what we need to do - get moving!"
Richard Carmona, Surgeon General of the United States

MyWALKS.com: The Online Walking Fitness Log

Welcome to MyWALKS.com. Are you walking to stay fit or lose weight? Sometimes it can be hard to stay motivated!

Training Log

With this online walk log you can keep a record of all the walks you've done and make sure you keep to your walking program!

All you have to do is register. It's free!

Once you've registered, just log in and click on 'Add Walk' to log your first walk.

You can choose to keep your logged walks private so that only you can see them, or make them public and let everyone see them on the 'All Walks' page.

Step Counting & Pedometers

If you keep count of all the steps you take, you can enter that information into the steps field. It will keep a running total for you!

Lose Weight and Stay Healthy

"Walking is the biggest bang for our buck. Thirty minutes a day of walking will prevent many cases of diabetes, hypertension, and other chronic diseases. Walking is the simplest, easiest way for most people."
- Richard Carmona, Surgeon General of the United States.

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